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Animation DemoMegan Crockett
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check back soon for my updated commerical demo

Commercial DemoMegan Crockett
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Voice Over Studies

Dolores Diehl

Roger Scott

Bob Joles

Tony Oliver

Richard Horvitz

Lisa Biggs

Singing Studies

Special Skills

Jake Anthony

Annie Little

Dr. David Scott

Diane Ketchie

Joshua Finkel

Baby Cry

Cat Purr

Singing (large range)


Choral Singer (Sop 1, Alto 1&2)

Cabaret Singer

Event Host/Emcee

My Work

I have had the joy to work on a number of different projects which include

Audio Tour
Love Live!: School Idol Project
Your Lie in April
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water
Granblue Fantasy the Animation
Hunter x Hunter
One Punch Man
The Testament of Sister New Devil
Baahubali: The Beginning
The Priests
Fabricated City


Although neither show a complete list you can find me on & Anime News Network

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"Boothies" & Other BTS Photos

Due to NDAs you can't usually share any session photos until after the show is released thus selfies in the booth aka Boothies

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