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I have been a theatrical stage manager for over a decade.

I have not only Stage Managed theatre but I have also directed, produced, hosted, performed and done site specific, immersive and live events and was the subject of the LA Weekly Article : The Most Important, Invisible Person In The Theater

LA Weekly


In 2014 while working at Sacred Fools Theater on the original production of TASTE written and directed by the late Stuart Gordon, I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by Steven Leigh Morris about my journey as a Stage Manager. It was a surreal experience having a photographer come out to the theater to actually take a photo of me, someone who should remain behind the scenes. However, what was truly funny is that until I walked up to a local 7-11 and picked up a copy I actually had no idea my photo was going to take up a whole page. The customers at 7-11 that day did seem to get a kick out of me when I screamed "Holy crap! That's ME!". I was even offered a business card and a potential job for an  upcoming touring play. 

You can read the article directly on the LA Weekly site or I have included a pdf version below



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Working with Megan is a smooth blend of efficiency and fun. Her approach to production is as an artist first, she has a fantastic ability to set the structure under which a show can grow but still stay on track. I've worked with Megan as an actor and designer and am always impressed by how seamlessly she performs her job. 

-- Jennifer Christina DeRosa

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