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In 2014 while working at Sacred Fools Theater on the original production of TASTE written and directed by the late Stuart Gordon, I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by Steven Leigh Morris about my journey as a Stage Manager. It was a surreal experience having a photographer come out to the theater to actually take a photo of me, someone who should remain behind the scenes. However, what was truly funny is that until I walked up to a local 7-11 and picked up a copy I actually had no idea my photo was going to take up a whole page. The customers at 7-11 that day did seem to get a kick out of me when I screamed "Holy crap! That's ME!". I was even offered a business card and a potential job for an  upcoming touring play. 

You can read the article directly on the LA Weekly site or I have included a pdf version below



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Working with Megan is a smooth blend of efficiency and fun. Her approach to production is as an artist first, she has a fantastic ability to set the structure under which a show can grow but still stay on track. I've worked with Megan as an actor and designer and am always impressed by how seamlessly she performs her job. 

-- Jennifer Christina DeRosa